Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fun and frills

With two little boys around here, there is not much tolerance or need in our house, for girly, feminine, and frilly things.  However, every once in awhile I like to sneak in some pink, purple, ruffles, or frills on my scrapbook pages.  This page features some pictures of the hubs and I out on a date with friends, sometime last fall.  Aaaaaaah, just looking at these pictures has me longing for a kid-free whining, no ordering off the children's menu, no food to cut-up, and uninterrupted conversation.  Oops...and I digress.   Okay, so back to the topic at hand -- I used the opportunity to pull from the color of my shirt in these pictures and match up a fun lavender polka dot paper, from My Mind's Eye's 'Lime Twist' line.

To create that fun, ruffly dimension you see in the lower left corner, I used LOTS of punched circles and layered rows of them.  I started with the bottom row of circles and made my way upward, making sure only to apply adhesive to the top halves of the circles.  Once they were all adhered, I used my fingers to slightly curl up the bottom, unadhered edge of each one for dimension.  Here's a closer look:

I think it creates a fun look.  Now, how it will hold up once I put it in a page protector, inside my scrapbook, is yet to be seen! ;)  Would you believe I actually used my leftover pieces from this line to create a page with pictures of my BOYS?!  Once again, I was able to pull colors from my shirt, in the pictures to make this page work. 

How cute are my boys, all dressed up for Easter morning mass in matching outfits?  It's not a 'look' we do often, but, I have to admit, it sure is CUTE!  I had fun creating that vertical heart border going down the right hand side of the page.  I pulled from my punch and embellishment stash, to dress up each of the hearts in a different way.  And of course, I could resist, my trusty sidekick: 'pop-dots' for a little more added dimension and fun.

That's it for today!  Thanks for stopping by!

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