Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I acutally scrapbooked!

So, things have been a wee bit crazy around here lately.  It could have a little something to do with this sweet thing:

And of course, Thanksgiving, Christmas, pneumonia (me), colds, asthma (TJ), kids out of school, holiday travels, a third birthday, sleep deprivation, etc, etc.  So, I'm sure you can understand my absence from the blog.  While I'd like to say that I'll be on here a bit more regularly - I can guarantee that won't be happening until I get that sweet little smiley face on a bit more of a schedule and sleeping longer at night.  Until then, you can be assured that I'll be spending and enjoying lots of time snuggling her, and of course, caring for and refereeing her two older brothers! ;)

Since surfing the Internet, only requires one hand, I've been somewhat successful at still checking out some of my favorite blogs for scrappy inspiration.  In doing so, I spotted this cute sketch on the Doodlebug Design blog, yesterday:

Something about that sketch and a stash of the new Doodlebug 'Santa's Workshop' collection, spoke to me and required that I scrapbook immediately!  Lucky for me, I had one kid at school and the other two blissfully napping.  Sure, I probably should have been catching up on some housework, thank you notes or laundry, but, well, none of that is going anywhere is it?!?

I made quick work of the sketch and my supplies and whipped up this page:

A closer look at the border of banners/flags along the bottom (I had so much fun dressing up those flags with buttons, stitching, twine and stickers):

And the page title (LOVE the little 'Doodlepop' poinsettia sticker here and what it adds to the title!):

That's it for today -- thanks for stopping by!

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  1. They are such cuties! I'm glad the Rench household is feeling better. Love the banner border. You can't go wrong with DB papers. We need to scrap soon.