Friday, January 6, 2012

Project Life 2012

Back in 2010, I purchased Becky Higgins newly launched Project Life kit.  I dedicated myself to taking one photo each day for all 365 days of that year, as well as doing a bit of journaling for each of those photos.  Admittedly, I'm still not quite finished with it. I did take all 365 photos and filed them away in the album, however I still have 8 weeks or so of journaling to catch up on.  Surprisingly, not too bad - considering I was trying to keep up with creative scrapbooking, as well.  While I absolutely LOVE the end result of that project, it was quite a task to tackle and sometimes felt like a chore to have to come up with a photo for each and every day.  So, in 2011 I decided to take a bit of a break from Project Life and do my own abbreviated version.  Needless to say, my version was not nearly as successful and therefore, not as comprehensive of a look at our life in 2011;  and in addition, nowhere near as complete as 2010's album.  So, after admiring my friend Lori's Project Life album for the year 2011, quizzing her on her 'revised' approach, and seeing Becky's new designs for Project Life for this year I knew I had to commit to it again!  Initially, I was drawn to the Cobalt edition and thought for certain that I would order that one, however after lots of consideration I knew that Clementine was for me!  The week after Christmas, I received my core kit in the mail and got right to work on the title page.

Here's a look at the title page for our 2012 Project Life album.  All of the papers and journaling cards I used are directly from the Clementine edition kit, but I couldn't resist adding a few of my favorite dimensional things like: My Mind's Eye buttons, Jillibean soup label stickers, machine stitching, and various punched and diecut pieces.

I placed a current black and white picture of each of my three kids in three of the four 3x4 openings along the center.  This left one open space for me to include a 3x4 card from the kit that I embellished with: a punched heart, sewn button, machine stitching and a bit of journaling.

In the left bottom 4x6 opening, I cut the 'everyday life' 4x6 card to 3x4 and zigzag stitched it to another 3x4 card included in the kit.  I added a punched heart and Jillibean soup label sticker with 2012 stamped on it.


The bottom right 4x6 opening holds the black and white polka dotted card included in the kit, to which I added: a diecut hear, American Crafts thicker number, button, and a sewn strip documenting our families names and ages for the year.

In the upper right 4x6 slot, next to a recent family photo, I again used a 4x6 card included in the kit, that I embellished a bit.  I sewed a button to the center of the clock face, added some machine stitching around the preprinted flag, and again added a punched heart and Jillibean soup label sticker, as well as a 'flag' I cut from one of the clementine journaling cards.

Since I just couldn't get enough of working with the Clementine designs, I decided to go ahead and tackle the album's ending page.  Here is a look at the (nearly) completed final page.  At the end of 2012, I plan to take and include a family picture in the top left 4x6 opening, but until then, it will remain empty.

I cut up one of the 4x6 cards, and used and stitched the word 'memories' from it, along the left edge.  I embossed some American Craft thickers with black embossing powder, to add the word 'Us.' to that same 3x4 card:

I couldn't toss away the lovely turquoise patterned damask that was leftover from the 3x4 card that I mentioned cutting up above.  So, I punched three hearts with the leftover design, adhered them in a vertical line, stitched through the centers and added a button to the middle heart:

I loved this 'postcard' style card that was included in the kit.  I simply ran it through my printer to add the necessary journaling.  I would still like to add a little something in the upper right corner of this card, where the 'stamp' would go -- but haven't come up with the perfect idea yet!

In order to make Project Life work for me this year, I plan to let go of the rules that I implemented for myself in the past, to make it both more doable and easy.  Instead of following the 'picture a day' approach, as I had in the past, I plan to compile it more on a monthly basis.  Some months may have multiple two page spreads, with lots of memorabilia, typed journaling, enlarged photos, etc; while other months may consist of only enough pictures and info to fill a two page spread and limited journaling, scribbled down as I go -- and I'm okay with that.  I know that in order to complete it, I have to let the project be flexible and conform to my days -- either busy or not.

I plan to set up my album using the Design A pages, unfortunately I didn't snag them before they were out of stock.  I'll also be ordering the photo pocket variety pack of pages, to mix in here and there throughout my album.  I can't wait to get started on this album and will be sure to share my progress as I go along!


  1. looks great! i too am going to do PL--amy cloud convinced me-hehehehe- but i was was too late and don't have anyhting yet--next month the page protectors are going to be in. i have my journal that i started. so we shall see how it goes!

    1. I made the mistake of waiting to order the A pages, too! Can't wait till they are back in stock -- I feel like I'm at a standstill until then!

  2. Oh good job Jackie! I also love the Clemetine style. I am trying to do a monthly PL. I still have left-overs from 2 years ago. So no need to buy anything...right! So happy you are able to find a little snip-it of time.

    1. Well, if you NEED an excuse to buy the new stuff, I'm sure we can come up with one! Ha! I think the monthly approach will be much more manageable!

  3. I'm so glad that you're jumping in again! I really think it can be a mix of the things you love- story telling, creativity (if you want it to be) and COMPLETE. :) Those are good words, huh?!
    Thanks for the shout-out, I'll pow-wow with you about PL anytime! Can't wait to see it in person- that can happen again, right??? :)

    1. VERY good words, Lori! Looking forward to sharing all of our stuf in person, very soon!